Dive into the world of Trance

After 20 years of abstinence my (second) biggest love got me back: Trance-Music! Come join me onto a journey through the world of Trance.

It all started in 1993, when I took my first steps as a DJ. The lovely melodies and the driving beats of the baselines caught me within seconds – I knew right away, I had found a new passion. My humble beginnings were characterized by long weekends of practicing beat-matching with my two old turntables and an even older mixer. But two turntables, one mixer and lots of drive and motivation finally made me a successful DJ who produced his own music. It still feels like yesterday, that I meet with the guys for rehearsing our newest tracks. It was pure bliss and joy, when we managed to land our first gigs.

In the 90s I worked in various clubs in Switzerland, until a local radio-broadcaster asked me for allowance to use my music on a regular Friday evening show.

A lot has happened since then. I fell in love, got married, started a family and had the four best releases of my life: my four kids. The music stepped into the background, but never abandoned me fully.

Now, 20 years later, I am back! Hi-Hats, chords and the perfect feeling brought me back into a world, that I never completely left – the journey wasn’t finished, it was just put on hold.

In February 2019, he released his long-awaited collaboration with Hanna Finsen. “A Cage of Thoughts” found its listeners quickly in every club in the scene. In May 2019 Patrik Humann followed up with the release of “Siljan”, a musical blockbuster, published by Euphonic Records. The track made it onto every dancefloor imaginable and even into the radio show of the big names Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond (ABGT) and Paul van Dyk – it is also being played at international festivals.
Humanns newest song “Between the True & the Lie” is another collaboration and was recently released. Isabel Oliver delivered the perfect vocals for Humanns next crowd-pleaser.
No wonder that the renowned Enhanced label in London lately signed Humann, which will give his music an even wider reach for the future. Label, fans, press and the DJ-scene are watching with excitement, when Humann is taking his next steps into a phenomenal musical future.